Wakayama YMCA College Japanese Language Courses

We offer courses for those who want to master the four skills of Japanese language (speaking, listening, writing and reading). Because there are students from various countries, lessons are performed by Japanese. We teach according to the level of the individual closely. The goal is to obtain enough fluency in the language and understanding Japanese culture to allow you to study at university, college and postgraduate course in Japan or to engage in business in Japanese. We also offer Mathematics and Social studies classes as the preparatory subject for study at university, college and the postgraduate course.


Term 1 year (Starts in April)
1.5 year (Starts in October)
2 year (Starts in April)
Maximum Enrollment 80 students
Class Hours 20 class hours /week, Monday-Friday
9:10 – 13:00
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
*Placement test is given to the students at the time of admission.
Goals Achieving Japanese language ability for study at University, college and the postgraduate course.

We also offer short-term courses such as 3 months course
and summer intensive course.